Social Media Netiquette

Netiquette: Our comment guidelines on social networks

Phorms Bavaria gGmbH reports on its channels about news at its campus in Munich. We encourage an active participation on our social media channels in the form of comments, discussions and constructive feedback. To ensure that the exchange of thoughts and arguments always remains polite, we would like to maintain a friendly tone and would like to refer to a few basic rules below.

Conversational Tone and Netiquette

§    Respect the rules of courtesy.
§    We will not tolerate offensive comments.
§    Respect the personal rights of others.
§    If you wouldn’t tell something directly to someone's face, please do not write it online, either.
§    Show tolerance, even if you disagree.
§    Refrain from provoking others with your statements. 
§    We are all on first name basis on social media, so please don't take it personally if you're not addressed formally. 

The following will result in deletion of the comment:

  • any form of discrimination against others regarding their origin, sexual identity, nationality, religious affiliation, physical condition, age or gender.
  • political and religious extremism, racism and hate propaganda.
  • wrongful use of the comment function for advertising purposes and spamming.
  • untrue statements of fact.
  • pornography and obscenities.
  • links to external websites unrelated to the original post.
  • the commercial or private offering of goods or services.
  • violations of third party rights, in particular copyrights.

We reserve the right to delete comments that do not contribute to a constructive discussion or have nothing to do with our offer, or to exclude users from our channels in the event of serious or repeated violations.

When assessing and classifying user comments, we will of course observe the principle of proportionality. There is no entitlement to publication. We do not censor, but exercise the domiciliary rights of our online discussion offerings to ensure a constructive exchange and the participation of all.

We reserve the right to amend or change this netiquette.

Liability Disclaimer

The comments to our posts reflect the opinions of individual users only. Phorms Bavaria gGmbH shall not resume any responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the contents.