Management & Administration

Kathrin Volkmann
Head of Secondary School

„I experience moments of happiness whenever I sense that I have reached the students, when their eyes begin to shine all of a sudden and the joy of learning takes hold of them.“

Bastian Becker
Deputy Head of Secondary School

"It’s a true joy to witness students growing in understanding and presenting their new found perspectives in class discussions, to share on a daily basis their incremental development into independent and responsible personalities."

Benjamin Bohn
Deputy Head of Secondary School

"For me as a teacher two things are essential and inspirational at the same time: sparking interests in young people that they themselves were not yet aware of and honing their ability to question things critically and think things through.”

Veronika Anna Ritschel
Assistant Secondary School

„The ability to contribute to the development and education of our students through my work with this committed team is an enrichment for me every day.“