Welcome to the Phorms Campus München
    • State recognition

      On 1st of August 2017 we received state recognition for our Primary School and Secondary School.

    • Parent Survey 2017

      Children and students enjoy coming to kindergarten and school.

    • Parent Survey 2017

      The realization of the bilingual concept is perceived to be very successful.

    • Parent Survey 2017

      Parents have recommended our school campus and would continue to do so.

    • Richard Murray, father of two girls

      "I like the local aspect of the Phorms Campus. The school incorporates the values of a local Bavarian school as well as the mindset of an international school community."

    • Johanna, 12 years old, Year 7

      "Ich finde, dass der Unterricht auf jeden von uns irgendwie zugeschnitten wird."

    • Finn, 11 years old, Year 5

      "Ich finde bei Phorms cool, dass es eine bilinguale Schule ist und man viele Freunde aus verschiedenen Ländern hat."

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