• The Colour Monster

    In Preschool the children have started their feelings theme and through the book “The Colour Monster” by Anna Llenas they reflected on their own... Read more

  • Welcome Year 1

    A big warm welcome to our lovely 1st graders! We wish you all a fabulous year!!!! Read more

  • Happy Holiday

    A wonderful summer to your families! Take good care of yourselves. Read more

  • Creative Lettering

    Beim creative lettering in dieser Woche durften die Schüler*innen verschiedene kleine Projekte in Angriff nehmen. Das Verzieren von Textilien, Bemalen... Read more

  • Abitur 2021

    Congratulations to our 2021 graduates!In a year of uncertainty, you came out on top! Great job.... Read more

  • The European Cup

    The European Cup 2021 comes to an end. Congratulations to Italy! Read more

  • Duke of Edinburgh

    Our Duke of Edinburgh team of students has their first excursion under their belts! Thank you to our teachers for the weekend support. We hope you had... Read more

  • Field Trip

    Kindergarten and preschool are just not the same without field trips. All the happier was the PhorMinis team watching the preschoolers go on their... Read more

  • Picasso

    In Year 3, the students learned about Picasso’s Portrait and Profile work. They then created their own pieces blending portrait and profile mode into... Read more

  • P-Seminar

    Check out @kunstfuerkindermuenchen!! This is the P-Seminar project from our Q11’s. They are looking for artwork donations. Please take the time to... Read more