Holiday Programme

During the holidays we offer a diverse and exciting holiday programme for all Primary children.

The wide range of activities within the holiday programme gives the children the possibility to try out new things, helping them to broaden their minds. The entire programme is supervised and run by a team of experienced educators. The programme includes field trips to museums and the theatre, to the zoo or a hiking excursion in the mountains. In addition, we organise exciting projects such as a “survival training”, cooking and baking courses or art workshops on the school grounds.

The sports programme is also not neglected. Together with the Phorms educators, the children go swimming, ice-skating or play different ball games in the “Englische Garten”.

The holiday programme is sent out to interested parents a few weeks before the respective holidays start providing sufficient time for registrating the children.

The school does not offer any holiday programme during the first three complete weeks of the Bavarian summer holidays and during the Bavarian Christmas holidays, as well as on all public holidays in Bavaria.