Our rooms in Kindergarten are designed in such a way that children are exposed to a great diversity of stimulating material which they can play and experiment with and help them to develop their own creativity.

Each group is responsible in setting up and decorating its own room, usually dividing it into different study and play areas. A group room may be laid out with a number of corners as a creative corner, a construction corner, a doll and cooking corner for role-play, a “small world” corner dedicated to different countries, a reading and writing corner, a maths corner, etc.

The different areas for learning and playing do have a flexible character and may be adjusted to the leading theme the group currently focuses on. For example, a hospital corner may be added if the topic “health” is on the agenda. The children can easily reach all materials and toys so that they can decide for themselves during free play which ones they want to use. The three preschool rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards. In our kitchen, the teachers organise regular cooking and baking activities with the children. Furthermore, the children can use various other rooms such as a sports room, a library and an art room.

It is very important for us that the children get lots of fresh air no matter what the weather is like. Our kindergarten has lovely grounds with a sandbox, a climbing frame and a swing which the children love to use during outdoor time, even if it rains or the wind blows. There is a decicated area on the grounds, which is reserved for our little toddlers in crèche. In summer, there are numerous opportunities to play with water if temperatures allow. The cloakrooms have enough space for wellingtons, raincoats, waterproof pants and snow gear. At any time each child is well equipped for all kinds of weather ensuring that the daily intake of fresh air is a real pleasure for everyone.