Developmental Areas

Our edcuational programme consists of the following six developmental areas:

Personal and social development: Children learn to respect their own needs and those of others, to develop their creativity and to feel safe, trusting and attentive when dealing with others.

Communicative, linguistic development: We help children to understand and speak German and English and gain a first insight into writing and reading in both languages.

Mathematical development: We support the children in developing a practical awareness of quantities and numbers before they actually start doing sums.

Creative development: We offer the children a great variety of materials and activities to develop their own creativity, for example in the field of art, music or dance.

Knowledge and understanding of the world: We place the emphasis firmly on children’s experiences and their worlds. This helps them to reflect on their environment and learn from it.

Physical development: Physical development appropriate to the respective age group is not only important for a child's health, but also for his or her cognitive development. Therefore, it is our aim to help the children develop fine and gross motor skills, coordination skills, the ability to handle tools and other objects and to acquire an awareness for healthy living.