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    Phorms Campus München –consists of the following schools:

    Bilinguale Krippe & bilingualer Kindergarten PhorMinis München
    in freier Trägerschaft der Phorms Bavaria gGmbH

    Bilinguale Grundschule Phorms München
    Ersatzschule in freier Trägerschaft der Phorms Bavaria gGmbH

    Bilinguales Gymnasium Phorms München
    Ersatzschule in freier Trägerschaft der Phorms Bavaria gGmbH 

    Maria-Theresia-Straße 35
    81675 München

    TEL +49 89 324 9337 00
    FAX +49 89 324 9337 74

    Acces Route

    Our campus is right next to the "Englische Garten" in the Bogenhausen quarter of Munich. The old parish church of St. George at the Bogenhausener Kirchplatz is right opposite the school. Bogenhausen has been a popular residential quarter with villas and apartment houses since the era of Emperor William.

    Our school building is in keeping with this traditional style and impresses visitors with many endearing details such as a porter's lodge at the entrance where we greet our students in the morning, an impressive ground-floor hall with a spiral staircase and many ornaments inside the brick building. Behind the building, there are spacious grounds with old trees and shrubs. Various climbing frames and other sport equipment, a volleyball court, football goalposts as well as equipment for table tennis and basketball make sure that our students stay on the move during breaks.

    The Crèche and Kindergarten are located in a separate villa right next-door to the school with a generous playground outside. Children from the Crèche have their own protected play area in the garden.