Secondary School

Our admissions procedure in detail:

We accept students in all year levels throughout the school year into our secondary school, given that there is a place available in the respective year level. If the admission criteria are met, we will start the further admissions process.
The main admission criteria are, above others, that the student fulfills the requirements of a Bavarian secondary school as well as that the student passes the trial days at our school.

1. Online Registration

As a first step, parents need to register their child by filling in the non-binding online application form.
In the next step, we send out a confirmation of the registration and our admissions team contacts the parents to discuss the further steps as well as to request the report cards and other documents.

2. Submission of documents

In order to complete the application and to include the child in the admissions process, it is necessary to submit the following documents:

  • the last two end of year report cards and the current mid-year report card (if applicable)
  • parent questionnaire
  • proof of income of the legal guardians

The documents will give us an impression of the child and we learn more about the student‘s academic level in the core subjects as well as about their language skills.

3. Parent Interview

After reviewing the documents, we will invite the parents and the child to a personal interview with the leadership of the secondary school.
We consider, above others, the following criteria for who we invite:

  1. good grade point average
  2. Language sequence English-Latin or English-French
  3. Specific subjects applicable in the Bavarian system (e.g. Spanish or economics)

In addition, the following criteria are considered:

  1. Siblings or change from another Phorms School
  2. Social and cultural diversity and a balanced mix of girls and boys
  3. Time of registration at Phorms Munich

4. Trial Days

As the next step, the child takes part in three to five trial days. In the trial days, the student gets to know our daily school life and our teachers are able to obtain a better picture of the social and academic skills of the student.

5. Place Offer and School Contract

If the student passes the admissions process successfully and our teachers approve of enrolment, we send out a place offer by email. After accepting the place offer, the parents receive the school contract by mail.