Crèche & Kindergarten

Our admissions process in detail:

1. Online Registration

As a first step, parents need to register their child by filling in the non-binding online application form.

2. Submission of Documents

We will contact you by e-mail in the autumn preceding your child’s planned entry to request submission of the necessary income information as our tuition fees are income based.

3. Informal interview and play morning

Depending on the expected number of free places, we select a respective number of parents to come with their children for an interview and play morning. Only families who completed the application can be taken into consideration. This will take place in the spring proceeding your child’s planned entry.

Selection is based on the following criteria:

  1. Availability of places; our crèche children have priority over siblings and children who come from other Phorms institutions. All other free places will be allocated to external children.
  2. Social and cultural diversity and a balanced proportion of girls and boys
  3. Time of registration

The informal interview affords parents an opportunity to introduce themselves personally as well as getting more information about our concept and organizational matters.

4. Place Offer

After the informal interview, we offer selected children a place at our early years and send out the contractual documentation.

5. Kindergarten Contract

Once you have received the documentation you will have three weeks to complete it and return it to us.