We place great value on a balanced, healthy diet.

Taking lunch together is a very important element of school life for our children. Therefore, all the children and teachers gather in the dining hall. With admirable commitment and resourcefulness, STROMBERG*, the catering service of Holger Stromberg, invests care and creativity to deliver healthy, but first and foremost delicious food to the entire School. Fresh meals are prepared in our own kitchen every day. In addition to lunch, the children are given an afternoon snack. In addition, the Stromberg team also organises interesting nutrition/cooking projects for all age groups.

We also work with STROMBERG* in the Crèche and the Kindergarten. In addition to lunch, the children are given breakfast and an afternoon snack both of which are prepared fresh by our housekeeper. Baking and cooking together in a custom-designed kitchen on a regular basis is something the children especially enjoy. It goes without saying that we will take allergies and food intolerances as well as religious reasons into account when planning meals.