Management & Administration

Lilian Feninger
Head of Primary School (in parental time)

„I enjoy working for Phorms because of the young team, the international environment and the warm atmosphere. I love coming to school and being part of the development of the pupils."

Katharina Schmelzle
Deputy Head of Primary School (acting)

I enjoy working at Phorms Primary School for a long time now. We are a great community with tight bonds, always supporting each other. In our intercultural environment, everyone can flourish and develop.

Martina Luber
Deputy Head of Primary School (acting)

"What is special for me about Phorms is the union of interculturality with the traditional school system. This leads to the amazing opportunity to establish a multicultural learning environment through the hands of a dynamic intercultural team."

Susanne Herrendoerfer
Assistant Primary School

"The different nationalities and cultures make Phorms a very special place to work for me - and our school a very special learning environment for the children."