• Frohe Pfingsten

    We wish you all a lovely vacation and hope everyone comes back rejuvenated! Read more

  • The Most Dangerous Game

    Year 9’s working on their drawings to "The Most Dangerous Game” Read more

  • Art work

    Beautiful art work from our Secondary students! Read more

  • Abitur 2021

    Today our Q12’s begin with German! Good luck!The finish-line to many stages of your lives is just ahead....all you have to do now is have the time of... Read more

  • Welcome back

    We are so excited to be getting back in the classrooms!!! Together again!!! Read more

  • Good Luck

    To all of our Q12 students taking their ABI and IB exams:We are with you. We are sending all the best wishes! You have worked so hard! You have been... Read more

  • E5 Challenge

    We are into the last week of the virtual E5 Challenge. 60 participants have covered the 568 km from Phorms Campus Munich to Phorms Berlin Mitte. Of... Read more

  • Call it out

    On a serious note: a Secondary student reached out to tell us that she was recently harassed on Munich’s public transportation. She handled herself... Read more

  • World Book day

    Book Week was in full swing in the Preschool with children bringing in books each day to share with their peers. Today we will celebrate World Book... Read more

  • Girls/Boys Day ab der 5. Klasse!! 5th graders and up!!

    Das Live-Programm vom Girl's Day findet am Donnerstag, 22. April 2021, von 9.30 - 11 Uhr statt. Das Programm des Boy's Day läuft von 12.30 - 14 Uhr.Th... Read more