Children who have studied in two languages at the same time for a certain number of years perform in average better, not only in foreign languages and their own mother tongue, but also in other subjects.

Bilingualism promotes the cognitive development of the children, for example the language awareness, the creativity and the flexibility of thinking. A considerable amount of the lessons in our Primary School is taught in English. The teachers use the immersion method.

The children learn the English language in a play-oriented and natural manner, being exposed to the language in a variety of different contexts. In addition from Year 1 on children receive five/six lessons of English per week as part of the regular timetable. Without any difficulties, our Primary students are capable in writing texts, having discussions, holding a presentation or doing sums in English.

However, we are a German Primary School and therefore put also emphasis on excellent German lessons. Moreover we teach certain topics intentionally in German (i.e. local history and geography, traffic training and reading the clock). At the end of Year 4 our students feel secure in both languages.