Exciting and fun Easter holiday programme

    28.04.2017 | Campus München

    The first week's Easter holiday programme started with a trip to the Münchner Theater für Kinder to see “Der gestiefelte Kater”. Following the show, we went to a playground for lunch and the kids had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather and play for a bit. It was quite warm so we had some delicious popsicles before heading back to school. 
    On Tuesday we visited the Botanical Gardens. The children learned all about different types of spring plants and spent some time creating a beautiful poster that showed many of the flowers they had seen. We also visited the greenhouses, which were full of tropical plants, and the children especially enjoyed watching the turtles play.
    Wednesday morning we did some painting here at school. The children had a wonderful time decorating terracotta flower pots. Afterwards, we spent lots of time outside enjoying the wonderful spring weather!
    Thursday was an Easter extravaganza! The morning was spent creating unique Easter baskets, which we put to good use in the afternoon hunting and collecting delicious treats hidden around the Phorms playground. We ended the day with an Easter film to get us ready for the long holiday weekend.

    Bunny Basteln! We started the second Easter holiday week by making Easter bunny mobiles with fluffy little tails, great for decorating windows. After lunch we combined socks (brand new ones, of course), elastic bands, rice and various materials to create our very own adorable bean bag bunnies. Wonderful as an ornamental gift and practical to use as a door stop to boot, this was a creative day for all involved.
    Our springtime celebratory picnic may have occurred in snowy 0 degree Celsius, but that wasn’t going to stop our fun day out. We rugged up and headed to the Herkomerplatz playground for a fun-filled day amongst the elements. Upon returning, shaking off the snow and getting warmed up again, we saw it fitting to relax with a film.
    We got our climbing shoes on and headed over to Boulderworld, for an experience akin to the film Cliffhanger. After some basic climbing training from our two expert instructors, the children were ready to tackle the walls for a series of fun and challenging games on a vertical plane. They sure were tuckered out after this extreme session.
    The last day we saw the sunshine again! It was the perfect conditions for our trek through the nature. We chose a path in the English Gardens that went down under the Friedensengel, along the Isar, and eventually struck upon the playground across from the Deutsche Museum, which was lots of fun. It was quite the adventure!