Daily Routine | Phorms München

    We follow a structured daily schedule with recurring rituals ensuring that our children feel safe. At the same time we also providespace for spontaneous activities and free play.

    All children should have arrivedin their group for the morning circle at 9.15 a.m. In the course of the day, activities alternate between circle time, guided activities, free play and playtime outside in the garden. In between, there are meal times, hygiene (such as brushing teeth and toilet training) and a rest or nap time after lunch. Crèche children take a nap, while Kindergarten children may choose whether to rest briefly or to play quietly.

    As part of the school campus, the children in Crèche and Kindergarten benefit from weekly music and sports lessons, provided by teachers from our Primary School. This close cooperation strengthens the ties between Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School.