Themes and Activities

In the course of a Kindergarten year, different themes (ourselves, animals, traffic, history and fantasy) are are worked on within the groups.

The groups concentrate on each theme for about six weeks with activities being offered and implemented for all developmental areas. We have the flexibility to shorten or extend themes according to the needs of the group and the various interest levels. There is also enough free time available for other projects.

We make sure that the activities and projects are closely related to the interests of the children and motivate them to explore their environment. Each theme will be looked at from different angles and with different methods: we paint and do handicrafts, make music or sing, we cook, look at the basics of reading, writing or doing sums and do experiments. When suitable, we go on field trips related to our theme. We go regularly to the parks nearby, in particular the “Englischer Garten”. In addition, we make use of the cultural programme offered by the city of Munich and visit museums or theatres. Thanks to our special vehicles, even our Crèche groups are mobile and can go on excursions.

Activities are carried out in a play-orientated manner and according to the needs of the respective age group. We very much focus on the individual child ensuring that he or she is supported in the most optimal way. During the final year in Kindergarten, the focus of the various activities is on school preparation in one of our preschool classes. To ensure a smooth transition, our Kindergarten works closely together with our Primary School.