What makes our campus special

We are very pleased that you are interested in the education and care offered at our bilingual private school covering all ages from Crèche and Kindergarten via Primary School to Secondary School. Our main focus is on the children and young adults of all ages, whom we not only want to provide with a sound education but also with everything they need to realise a responsible, self-motivated and fulfilling life.

The following video was created by our students. It gives you a brief impression of our campus. Watch it now.

Bilingual Education

A central element is our consistently bilingual approach - English and German are used as equal languages - appropriate to the respective age group - both inside and outside the classroom. This international orientation is reflected in the origins and backgrounds of our teachers and the families of our students. They come from a variety of countries and different cultures, which greatly enriches the school community. Values such as interest in others, understanding, openness and tolerance are put into practice every day on our campus.

Digital Learning

During the Corona crisis, we proved that we were able to switch completely to digital learning and care within a very short period of time. When introducing digital learning tools and the corresponding teaching and care processes, the requirements and needs of the respective age groups were taken into consideration with regard to their learning behaviour and possibilities. This crisis experience encourages us to further promote digitalisation, both in the classroom and for the learning from home. Thanks to our efficient organisational structures, we can react very quickly and flexible to the new digital developments in school and kindergarten.

The Joy of Learning

In all age groups, we provide the children entrusted to us with the knowledge and skills they need to find their way in a world which offers many fascinating and new things worth discovering every day. Curiosity and the joy of learning are deemed to be our students' most important traits. On this basis, we offer our children from Crèche and Kindergarten via Primary School to Secondary School a demanding and well-structured educational programme providing them with the skills and knowledge that enable them to understand and shape the world. What counts most for us is to nurture the personality of every single individual. Respect for fellow human beings, integrity as well as the ability and willingness to take responsibility for themselves and others are the essential fundamentals for our students in order to lead a meaningful life and to take an active part in shaping the world. Our main responsibility is to be role models for them and to guide them to this goal.

Our student parents keep telling us what they appreciate most about our school: That the children enjoy going to school every day. We cannot ask for better feedback. We invite you to share this experience with us.

Yours sincerely
Phorms Munich Leadership Team