“This summer we are looking forward to a special event – the Phorms School München is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.” summer 2017


Dear children and students, teachers and colleagues, parents and friends,

Even a very young school like ours is gradually getting older, and it is our pleasure to celebrate 10 years of the Phorms Campus München with you this summer.

Our three bilingual Phorms departments – the crèche & kindergarten, primary and secondary school – offer children and parents in the Munich area valuable alternatives and supplement the public education system. The focal point of our offer is of course the bilingual education and international environment at all three school levels. We also combine two further important aspects: firstly, we cultivate a positive teaching and learning culture, which is demonstrated first and foremost by a unique and trusting relationship between our students and our teachers. Secondly, it is important to us that the high academic level of the Bavarian education system is always maintained at our school.

We have made significant progress in this area over the last few years, and both the primary and secondary schools are in the second year of the state accreditation process. We are very confident that we will acquire this accreditation for both schools by the start of the new school year. It would be an excellent confirmation for us if we were able to celebrate not only our 10-year anniversary, but also state accreditation this summer.

This anniversary is a great opportunity to look back on everything we have achieved so far, but it is also a starting point for us to continue improving our three bilingual facilities, together with everyone involved in the Phorms Campus München, and to ensure that we continue to fulfil parents’ expectations and the demands of state authorities. We very much look forward to this collaboration with you all.

Yours sincerely,

Patrizia von Möller, Managing Director &
Peter Kemmer, Head of School (2013-2020)