• Schultüte

    No...these are not Christmas trees! The Preschool children are starting to get ready for there transition to Primary! This week they brought in their... Weiterlesen

  • We are ready!

    We are happy to be back! Weiterlesen

  • Frohe Pfingsten

    We wish you all a lovely vacation and hope everyone comes back rejuvenated! Weiterlesen

  • The Most Dangerous Game

    Year 9’s working on their drawings to "The Most Dangerous Game” Weiterlesen

  • Art work

    Beautiful art work from our Secondary students! Weiterlesen

  • Abitur 2021

    Today our Q12’s begin with German! Good luck!The finish-line to many stages of your lives is just ahead....all you have to do now is have the time of... Weiterlesen

  • Welcome back

    We are so excited to be getting back in the classrooms!!! Together again!!! Weiterlesen

  • Good Luck

    To all of our Q12 students taking their ABI and IB exams:We are with you. We are sending all the best wishes! You have worked so hard! You have been... Weiterlesen

  • E5 Challenge

    We are into the last week of the virtual E5 Challenge. 60 participants have covered the 568 km from Phorms Campus Munich to Phorms Berlin Mitte. Of... Weiterlesen

  • Call it out

    On a serious note: a Secondary student reached out to tell us that she was recently harassed on Munich’s public transportation. She handled herself... Weiterlesen