• Take a break!

    We hope that you get to take a break this Whitsun holiday and give your soul what it needs Weiterlesen

  • Eco School Awards

    A small delegation of our students attended the Awards Ceremony for this year’s Eco School Awards. Great job everyone for receiving the award again... Weiterlesen

  • More of DofE Life

    Our students traveled from Wolfratshausen to Bad Tölz on foot! They carried their own tents and sleeping bags, as well as all the other things they... Weiterlesen

  • Into the Wilderness

    Our year 10’s and 11’s DofE teams had a fabulously strenuous, beautifully challenging and wonderfully exhausting couple of days hiking !!!! Not only... Weiterlesen

  • Let it rain

    It was “test your gear” day yesterday in preparation for the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) excursion that starts tomorrow! We have to make sure that if the... Weiterlesen

  • Walk of Fame 2024

    There is nothing better than when it comes down to our traditional Walk of Fame! After so many years and hard preparation it is time for our year 12s... Weiterlesen

  • Mathematics Competition

    Last  week was a very busy week in primary school with competitions. 41 Year 3-4 students took part in the Heureka competition. We also had 11 Year... Weiterlesen

  • Good Luck Phorms Abitur 2024!

    Be bold, be courageous, be your best! Wir wünschen allen Q12 Schülern viel Erfolg bei den anstehenden Abiturprüfungen. Weiterlesen

  • ABI Class 24 in Disguise

    Abi Class 2024 is having a week of dressing up…First day was pajama day and then their outfits were inspired by the first letter of their names and... Weiterlesen

  • 1. Platz bei der Mathematik- Olympiade in Bayern

    Wir sind sehr stolz verkünden zu dürfen, dass ein Schüler aus der 7. Jahrgangstufe den 1. Preis der Mathematik- Olympiade in Bayern gewonnen hat. Wir... Weiterlesen